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BETSY IS NOT A PODIUM SPEAKER! She’s a high-energy, keynote speaker, who engages your audience through games, brainteasers, discussions, dancing, and on-the-spot implementation. Your audience will have fun while also getting some amazing takeaways to boot!

Featured on FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC & TEDx, Betsy Allen-Manning is a top Texas leadership speaker & workplace culture speaker, whose specialty is leadership development and creating culture shifts that help increase employee engagement and reduce turnover.  She’s the author of 3 published books and is one of the top high-energy motivational speakers in Dallas. Through her dedicated research, her expertise in human behavior, her experience working as a manager for 5-star hotels, and her involvement with the John Maxwell Team, she is honored to have trained over 7,500 leaders & teams for small businesses, franchises & associations, to multi-billion dollar corporations. She’s worked with Toshiba, Aflac, Fidelity & the US Department of Defense. Her firm, Motiv8u Enterprises, is known as one of the top leadership training companies in Dallas, Texas, & Betsy is fully committed to her mission of developing high achievers, effective leaders, & value-driven workplace cultures, so people at every level feel they are living a more successful & significant life.   

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Culture Shift- Discover 6 Employee Experiences That Attract, Engage, Motivate & Retain Talent

During this Great Resignation, and a time of instability, leaders have two choices. They can either build an engaging culture where people enjoy their work, unite around a mission, and become loyal to their organization; or create a culture of conflict, with demotivated and disengaged employees who are leaving or preparing their exit soon. Bottom line… the type of culture you create during times of change is what you’re left with afterwards. A culture shift doesn’t happen by accident though. It happens when you provide 6 Critical Employee Experiences. Create your culture shift today so you have a stronger workforce tomorrow.

Actionable Takeaways:

• Discover the ‘6 Employee Experiences’, and how to use them to create a Culture Shift within your team/organization.

• Learn how top companies create an experience around their mission and vision to attract new talent, create a sense of purpose, and improve retention.

• Increase employee engagement & collaboration by providing a stronger ‘team’ experience.

• Discover the #1 mistake most leaders make when it comes to showing employee appreciation.

• Provide more work-life balance, & help prevent burnout by using strategic corporate wellness initiatives.

• Understand & prevent the most common mistakes leaders make when it comes to creating culture.


“Betsy challenged our team to look at their leadership & culture from a new perspective, she was thought-provoking, and created a meaningful experience that will reap rewards for our entire brand.”-Brittany

*Best Workplace Culture Speaker / Top Corporate Culture Speaker

Impact Leadership: Develop Talent, Create a Sense Of Purpose, & Build a Culture People Love

Are you ready to develop high achievers & valued leaders who are driven by success, service & IMPACT? Based on Betsy’s TEDx talk, this presentation provides a blueprint for becoming a more effective communicator and creating a sense of purpose beyond the paycheck. You will get insights into how forward-thinking companies build an attractive culture with strong values, create a leadership mindset within their team, & sustain growth by preparing staff for future leadership roles. Through her experience leading at 5-star hotels, & her dedicated research, Betsy shares what top companies have done to secure a ‘future-ready’ workforce. When it comes to Purpose vs Paycheck, people work harder for PURPOSE every time.

Actionable Takeaways:

  • Develop the #1 skill needed to foster trust, respect, and better communication in the workplace.
  • Discover Betsy’s blueprint for building a culture that inspires excellence, values, engagement & loyalty.
  • Understand the various levels of leadership, & how each one impacts your culture & bottom line.
  • Learn how to identify & develop motivated, productive & high-potential leaders on your team.
  • Develop a ‘values-based culture’, & inspire a sense of purpose that will help attract & keep your top talent.

“You can either coach people to success or boss them to failure.” 

*Betsy is one of the Best Leadership Speakers in Dallas Texas!

DNA Of High Achievers: Develop The Mindset, Habits & Strategies For Next Level Success

Does this sound familiar? You want this to be your year to reach new heights, close more sales, or achieve your personal best, but you feel stuck where you’re at; lacking the strategies, disciplines, motivation & confidence to move forward successfully. Are you tired of watching others pass you by, achieving what you want, & living the life that you were born to live? If so, I’ve got good news for you. All it takes is one small shift in your mindset to up-level your productivity, improve your self-discipline, and crush your goals this year. Through Betsy’s interviews with the top performers, along with her expertise in human behavior, she breaks down their DNA and gives you 6 core strategies for developing a game plan that works, building a resilient mindset, & preparing for your best year ever.

Actionable Takeaways:

  • Develop next-level thinking & build resilience to stay mentally strong when life throws you curve balls.
  • Utilize the 3 most important time management strategies to remain focused & have extreme productivity.
  • Apply Betsy’s ‘REAP Method™’ to develop a clear path on how to strategically reach your next level.
  • Develop the #1 skill that determines 85% of your success in life.

“If you won’t give 100% when you don’t think it matters, you most likely won’t give it when it does.” 

*Best Motivational Speakers in Dallas Texas!

Reset & Recharge: Reduce Stress, Burnout & Negativity, & Revive Your Productivity, Mindset & Purpose

WARNING: Your audience will leave RECHARGED! In this presentation, you will receive strategies to reduce stress and negativity, develop better habits, create more work/life balance, reduce burnout & overwhelm, and become a more resilient person in business and your personal life. This is NOT a podium-type speech. Betsy Allen-Manning is a high-energy, keynote speaker, who engages your audience through games, brainteasers, discussions, dancing, and on-the-spot implementation. Your audience will have fun while also getting some amazing takeaways. 

Actionable Takeaways:

• Discover Betsy’s ‘CARE’ technique to reduce stress & destroy negative thinking.

• Develop a ‘productive mindset’, and learn how to reduce burnout by prioritizing your day, identifying time stealers & eliminating the overwhelm that multiple projects can bring.

• Discover Betsy’s ‘Power of Choice’ method for making better decisions.

• Learn how to build your ‘Work/Life Balance Strategy’.

“Your mindset is your greatest asset.”

*Betsy is one of the Top Corporate Wellness Speakers in Dallas Texas!

People Savvy- Improve Communication, Build Better Relationships & Deal With Difficult People

Studies show that 85% of your success in life is due to your people skills, yet it’s one of the most difficult skills to develop. In this highly interactive & hilarious presentation, Betsy takes you through an engaging experience of how different personalities prefer to communicate, connect, be influenced, make decisions & resolve conflict. As a human behavior expert, Betsy breaks down personality styles in a humorous and easy way to understand so you can work better with others and get the results you want.

Actionable Takeaways:

• Get strategies for increasing your emotional intelligence & dealing with difficult people.
• Quickly identify someone’s personality, preferences, and peeves, and leverage that knowledge to build stronger relationships, enhance service & reduce conflict with others.
• Learn strategies to common communication issues so you can adapt to get better results. 

*Add a DISC personality test for greater value.

The Hybrid Leader- Crucial Skills Needed For Leading Remote Teams

With teams used to working remotely, and employees requesting a hybrid workplace moving forward, managers will be required to master crucial skills and best practices for leading remote teams. This presentation provides insights and strategies for leading an innovative, engaged, & collaborative virtual team to ensure the future success of your company.

Actionable Takeaways: 
• Run effective virtual meetings while preventing Zoom burnout.
• Coach employee’s on their performance.
• Track productivity & raise levels of self-accountability.
• Generate a culture of innovation, engagement & collaboration.
• Mentor future leaders.

“The type of culture you create virtually determines your team’s progress.” 

Format: ​90 minutes to half-day program

Leaders Pivot, Not Panic- How to Lead Through Change, Adapt Quickly & Innovate For Future Success

With change comes many challenges. People start operating out of fear which leads to a loss of focus, productivity, engagement, and profits. Leaders need to be equipped with the #1 skill required to help their teams navigate through changes effectively…the ability to ‘pivot’. In this presentation, one of the top leadership motivational speakers, Betsy Allen-Manning, shares her research, as well as experience of managing change for multi-billion dollar corporations, to help you communicate change effectively, foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, tackle new business challenges, and lower change resistance, change fatigue, and burnout that comes with change.

Actionable Takeaways

• Learn Betsy’s ‘Communicate Change Technique’ for conveying new changes, addressing fears, and setting behavioral and performance expectations.

• Discover the ‘6 Keys of Leading Through Change’, and utilize strategies to prep your team for success in the new normal.

• Get innovation & collaboration strategies to help your team succeed with customer, individual & business challenges.

• Avoid the common mistakes that cause low morale, less productivity, burnout & turnover that comes with change.

• Rapidly improve communication, productivity & culture through times of change.

• Develop the 3 mindset strategies Change Agents use to accept, adapt, pivot & conquer the challenges you’re facing.

“Most people only like the type of change that jingles in their pockets.”

*Best Change Management Speakers in Dallas Texas!

Dynamic Teams Workshop- Develop Team Trust, Improve Communication & Develop A Mission-Driven Team

If you don’t define your team’s DNA then it will be defined by your circumstances, and that doesn’t usually work in your favor. Take control of your team dynamics by developing a stronger team mission, more effective communication, and a cooperative environment that teams can thrive in. In this certified ‘DISC’ workshop, Betsy takes you through an interactive training where you will learn about the 4 personality styles, what causes each of them stress, and how to work together to become a more respectful and cohesive team. You’ll learn strategies for responding to criticism, resolving conflict, giving constructive criticism, and adapting your communication style to build more successful relationships with your team members.

Actionable Takeaways:

  • Define your team’s DNA together for higher levels of trust, respect & accountability.
  • Reduce up to 90% of workplace stress & improve results by learning the communication and interaction preferences of each personality style.
  • Build rapport with team members who are nothing like you.
  • Experience the top team-building exercises to get everyone to work better together.

How to Give Feedback & Handle Conflict More Effectively & Professionally Workshop

Giving feedback is the ultimate challenge for a leader in any organization. The way you say things will determine whether others feel empowered to move forward and grow, repeat the same mistakes, or take a turn for the worse. That’s when you’ll need the leadership skills to be able to handle any type of conflict that arises. Learn to diffuse it, deflect it, and raise people to higher standards through using strategic conflict/resolution techniques.

Actionable Takeaways:
• 3 Ways to deal with negativity in the workplace.
• Give negative feedback in a way that leaves others feeling empowered to change.
• Confront performance problems using the ‘FEAR’ Method & avoid the most common mistakes in taking disciplinary action.