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About Billy Riggs

AS SEEN ON PBS, Billy Riggs, is America’s source for all things Attitude! Through television, radio, books, videos, and live keynote speeches Billy Riggs has used an unusual blend of comedy, music, magic, and motivation to spread his positive attitude to more than a million people on five continents. A spellbinding communicator, Mr. Riggs honed his uplifting message and speaking skills in the pulpit, founding one of America’s fastest-growing churches at the age of 29. Though his presentations now are secular, audiences sometimes sense the old preacher in him, stirred by his sincerity and power on the platform. In 2002, Mr. Riggs was presented the highest earned award of the National Speakers Association: the Certified Speaking Professional. Since 1995, he has breathed the magic of attitude into people, companies and organizations.

But the goose bumps aren’t always the result of dramatic oratory. When Billy Riggs appears, things on stage begin to disappear! Using world-class magical illusions to drive home his points, “The Attitude Dude” has transformed hundreds of otherwise ordinary conferences into something truly special. His quick wit and quicker hands spread laughter and raise morale as listeners learn to reshape their destinies with a wave of life’s magic wand: attitude!
Motivational Speaker! Edu-tainer! Entertainer! Magician! Illusionist! Author!

Most requested programs:
– “The Power of PMA: Positively Magical Attitude!” – Reshaping your company by the power of a positive mental attitude. A mind blowing and mind opening combination of comedy, classic illusion, and a moving message on the importance of Attitude. Feature’s Billy Riggs’ hilarious song, “I Feel Petty.” Similar to Billy’s 90 Minute PBS TV Special, “The Attitude Dude!”

– “How to Achieve the Impossible!” – Advanced management training revealing the attitudes of a remarkably effective leader. Mixing magic, comedy, and music with an inspiring and practical explanation of the qualities that define great leadership. Your leadership team will leave with new tools and a new passion!

– “Positively Magical Teaching!” – A mind-blowing and mind-opening presentation for school inservices. Applies to certificated and classified staff. Most have rated this program the most effective inservice they have attended in their educational careers! They will laugh hysterically, be entertained “to the hilt,” learn practical methods of reaching students, and be so inspired they’ll want to RUN back to work!

– “Positively Magical Selling!” – Demolishing the self-defeating attitudes that reduce sales, and unleashing the reality that makes them soar! Your sales force will respond enthusiastically to this magical presentation revealing how so-called psychics connect so deeply with their “customers.” Practical tools, ground-breaking content, all wrapped up in the most fun event your company may ever have!

– “Positively Magical Service!” – Exploding the myths that impede fabulous customer service! This presentation is heavily customized and can be geared to customer service managers or front line employees. Practical tools to use right away to preserve your most valuable asset: your customers!

Author of:
– “Replace Your Grand Illusions with Grander Realities”
– “The Twelve Immutable Laws of Humor”
Audio Cd’s & DVD’s:
– The Magic of Attitude (Audio CD)
– Grand Illusions – DVD
– The Magic of Sales (DVD or Audio CD)
– How to Start an Epidemic Without Becoming a Plague (Audio CD)
– How to Drive Yourself Without Driving Yourself Crazy (Audio CD)
– The Magic of Education (Audio CD)
– How to Provide Magical Customer Service (Audio CD)
– How to Inspire Magical Customer Service (Audio CD)
– Grand Illusions, Grander Realities (Audio CD)
– How to Permanently Improve Your Life (Audio CD)
– Why You Do the Things You Do and How to Stop Doing Them! (Audio CD)
– Girls Are Not Just Long-haired Boys (Audio CD)
– All Your Favorite Love Songs… Divorce Style! (Music CD)

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