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About Cliff Erickson

For more than 30 years, Cliff has had a sustaining entertaining career. Cliff has traveled as a solo performer from his hometown of Port Huron, Michigan to venues all over the world. Though his home base is the Detroit, Michigan area, Cliff has entertained on Cruise Ships in the Greek Isles and currently performs at universities, clubs and conventions across the United States and Canada. His charismatic stage presence sets him apart from other performers and his ability to capture an audience has been a welcome addition to the performances of headliners such as Ringo Starr, Kenny Rogers, Jim Carrey and the Beach Boys, among others. Cliff has received acclaim not only from his fans, but has received the award of “Consummate Entertainer of the Year” by Orbit Magazine and The Vietnam Veterans Appreciation Award. Cliff has two albums released by Accurate Records, and is currently working on his third album. His first album, Rendezvous, was released in 1992, and features 10 songs. The songs feature emotional lyrics with a sweet, melodic melody in acoustic guitar. His second album, Acquired Taste, features 11 songs which have a southern flair, ranging from the ballad to dance song. Once again, Cliff’s lyrics tug at the heartstrings, and the melody sweeps you away. Indeed, the story of Cliff’s career may be simple, but the complexities of this musician can only be heard through his guitar and the lyrics of his song.