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About Djangotones

The Djangotones is a swing jazz group based in Grand Rapids, MI. Consisting of three guitars, a violin and a double bass, they feature music from such jazz greats as Billy Strayhorn, Glenn Miller, and most prominently their namesake- Django Reinhardt. They also play original songs written by their members. The members include: Nick Fernandez- rhythm guitar and percussion Chris Foe- rhythm guitar and composer Joe McCargar- bass and singer Joel Mounts-violin Joseph VanderStel-lead guitar and composer The music preformed by the Djangotones follows the form of choice in the world of jazz, complete with improvised solos so that a song is new and fresh every time. Much of the Djangotones’ music was written by the legendary jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, the first great jazz musicians from Europe. Along with violinist Stephan Grapelli and bassist Louis Vola, Reinhardt made a lasting impact on the art of jazz as it is known today. Other music performed by the Djangotones comes from the greats of American jazz and folk artists, their repertoire consisting of such standards as Autumn Leaves, Satin Doll, and Misty. To hear samples of the Djangotones’ music, please visit their Myspace.