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About Don Pryor

So you think you’ve had a bad waiter before You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen Don Pryor, “The World’s Worst Waiter!” But Don Pryor’s bad service won’t leave you complaining because you will be too busy laughing and experiencing something you’ll never forget! With the “World’s Worst Waiter” at your service, your next corporate or association banquet event not only will be fun, but an absolutely unique surprise that will leave your guests totally entertained with life-long memories of “that horrible but hilarious waiter!” Don Pryor, the “World’s Worst Waiter,” has been in demand around the country for almost 20 years, having performed for major corporations, organizations and associations such as Dell, Apple, Honda, American Muscular Dystrophy Association, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, General Mills and DuPont, just to name a few. Only you and the banquet staff are in on the hoax. The rest of your attendees are in the dark, having no idea what?s coming! Once the meal service begins, the audience gradually becomes aware that there is a rather odd, bumbling waiter in their midst who doesn’t appear to know quite what he is doing! You might spot him eating a roll while serving, drinking tea from an empty place setting, taking the last sip in the wine bottle for himself, or talking on his cell phone as he hands the guests their plates. The laughter escalates throughout the meal as Don’s “unique brand of service” becomes impossible to ignore. It all culminates with Don shouting out the punch lines to the emcee’s jokes (as rehearsed in advance)! Half the fun is trying to decide if this guy is for real. Your audience won’t be able to talk about anything else! Finally, at the end of the meal, Don Pryor is unmasked whereupon there is a simultaneous roar of laughter and a collective sigh of relief from Don’s unwitting victims! And they’ll still be talking about it weeks after your event. It is not unusual for Don to be enthusiastically approached by someone who saw his show years ago, and they’re STILL laughing about it! From the podium, Don Pryor then recounts his hilarious interactions with various members of the audience and shares some memorable encounters he has had with other unsuspecting diners around the country. Don will also leave your audience with a simple but important message: how essential it is to be able to laugh at ourselves, to not take ourselves too seriously and no matter what your job is, have fun at it! AND, with Don Pryor the “World’s Worst Waiter” being the ultimate example of bad service, he has learned first hand just how important good customer service is! In addition to the program, Don’s humorous lessons on customer service, as well as a live Q&A, can be added by request. Just think, your attendees will not only be totally fooled and entertained, but they just might learn something as well! It’s pretty simple. If you want your next banquet event to be a totally unique surprise that your attendees will be talking about for years to come, there’s only one thing to do – include the services of Don Pryor, the “World’s Worst Waiter.” Done!