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“Three skilled musicians with national performance experience who play everything from rock and roll classics to new country and beyond.” Sure, you say, I’ve heard that kind of hype before. There’s a whole lot more to Jack Tango. First off, they love their work. Hang around between sets, and someone’s almost sure to come up and say, “You look like you’re having so much fun up there.” Well, that’s no act. Charlie, John, and Chris really do have a lot of fun up there. So when Jack Tango plays for your event, your group has a whole lot of fun, too. There’s another thing that makes this band different–Jack Tango is clearly a professional outfit. It takes a lot to be a “professional” band these days. For example: ? Technology–when you close your eyes, you’ll think Jack Tango is a five or six piece group. The state-of-the-art sound and light system allow them to fine tune the volume and lighting. ? Flexibility–the latest country tunes and rock blasts from the past are the band’s bread and butter, but Jack Tango can also serve up reggae and calypso, jazz standards, or polkas and waltzes. ? Hard Work–the superb vocal blend of Jack Tango is an example of showing up ready to play. Just as important is getting to know the audience and responding to requests. For your next event, book a band that’s totally professional, and still a whole lot of fun–Jack Tango.