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About Jake Stevens

Jake Stevens grew up in Grand Rapids, MI where his parents cultivated a strong sense of individuality and artistic growth in their home. Pianos, guitars and drums were always available and at hand at an early age, and books and movies provided Jake with a vivid mental playground, so it didn’t come as much of a surprise when he declared (at age 5, no less) that he wanted to be an actor. But music always came naturally, and Jake fronted and supported a number of local bands throughout the years. A two-year stint at Grand Rapids Community College provided a great introduction to his theatrical endeavors, and a continued education at Compass Film Academy furthered his performing prowess to directing, writing and producing. Music is his full-time occupation, though, and with one LP under his belt (“Spark”) and another on the way (“Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea”), the sky’s the limit for this unique talent.