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About Janet Moore Schrader

Janet Moore Schrader Sand Sculpturist Born in Hinsdale Il. in 1965, Janet is not afraid to tell her age. She believes wisdom comes with time (or maybe delusion). At the age of five Janet, along with her mother and siblings, moved to southwest Michigan. Her grandparents belonged to the Prairie Club (Harbert MI), where she learned to swim and make her first sandcastles. In 1984 Janet married her high school sweetheart and best friend Kirk Schrader. They live happily in Lakeside MI with their two sons, Alex (1991) and Nick (1994). A Sand Sculptor is Born: at the age of 36, Janet was diagnosed with stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. To get over the effects of treatment and the cancer itself, Janet started daily walks along Lake Michigan. Looking for answers among the beach treasure (beach glass, rock, fossils & driftwood), Schrader found more than what she was looking for. The beach became a place of worship; for each Crinoid (fossil) found, she would give thanks for still being alive. From her research of beach treasures, Janet now gives lectures on crinoids and the Lake Michigan environment. One day the shore was bare of rocks, so she built a SandCastle. It was small and unimpressive! There had to be a better way to build a sandcastle, she felt. At the local library Janet found Sand Castles Step-by-Step, by Lucinda Wierenga. In 2006 Janet founded Fairy Godmother Services: Sand Sculpting, Photography, & Beach Art. A few years later she changed the name to Sand Pirate/ Professional Sand Sculptor. Contact Janet and learn the secrets of sand, and how to make an impressive sandcastle!