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About Mack Dryden

When groups want a message with their merriment, Mack is the comedic motivational speaker they call. Creating hilarious custom humor for each client comes naturally to the former staff writer for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, and his stories of surviving two battles with cancer, a stay in an African prison, “the sharks in showbiz who stab you in the front,” and one “near-fatal marriage” are as inspiring as they are laugh-out-loud funny. If anyone knows about overcoming adversity to achieve his goals, it’s Mack, and his proven 7-Step Formula is simple, practical, and inspiring.

After hearing of Mack’s harrowing survival stories, a TV producer asked him to speak to a group of graduating students. Mack’s presentation, “Laugh to the Top: A Hilarious Guide to Achieving Your Goals,” was so moving and funny (he’s made his living onstage for more than two decades) that he got immediate spin-offs and has since shared his inspiring story and unique, clean humor with thousands at corporate and association meetings nationwide. Said the president of the Arizona Dental Association: “Mack presented a wonderful, thought-out and prepared message’but some of his funniest and best received comments were from the information we provided him (custom humor)”we couldn’t be happier”.

Mack is also The Perfect Host, a world-class Emcee who turns awards shows and general sessions into uproarious, memorable events. He’s also an accomplished speaking coach, specializing, naturally, on the “Proper as well as the Criminal” use of humor. He customizes his Killer Platform Techniques: Speaking Skills for the Skittish for nervous beginners or seasoned executives, depending on experience level.

From humble beginnings as “the funniest paper mill employee in Mississippi,” Mack became an award-winning journalist, a black belt karate champion, and finally a professional comedian whose talent and perseverance eventually got him hand-picked by Bill Maher to write on the acclaimed show. As a performer, he’s appeared on The Tonight Show with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, many other TV shows and movies, including JAG and a recurring role as a judge on ABC’s The Guardian. (His credentials as a Renaissance Man were boosted in 2008 when a Canadian firm began the manufacture and worldwide distribution of his invention, the Canvas Keeper,

His performing experience pays off on the platform. Said another client, You immediately put everybody at ease because you looked like you were having so much fun yourself. Getting so much practical information was a bonus

Laugh to the Top Mack’s no nonsense formula for achieving goals is simple but entertaining, so his listeners walk away enthused, saying: “I can do that!”

The Perfect Host Whether your event is a general session, an award show, or anything in between, your Emcee can be the difference between a couple of hours of drudgery and a rollicking good time.

Celebrating Cancer Survival The funniest two-time cancer survivor in the country inspires and motivates with his hilarious stories of beating the Grim Reaper to spread laughter in his uniquely warm, family-friendly style. Cancer survivors and care-givers leave Mack’s celebration speeches refreshed, thoroughly entertained, and re-energized to pursue new goals and lend support to victims of this cruel disease.

Managing Transition with a Chuckle Mack’s dynamic presentation, “Managing Transition with a Chuckle” provides managers with the powerful and practical tools they need to lead their people through uncertain times and to keep a sense of humor while they do it.

How to Survive the Recession with a Smile: Tools to Cope, Reason To Hope There’s simply no denying or sugarcoating it the historic economic meltdown virtually guarantees a tough couple of years for the average American. Consumers are being forced to tighten their belts, simplify, and change their mindsets and strategies to maintain an acceptable standard of living. In this timely presentation, in his uniquely hilarious way, Mack, gives his audiences exactly what they need: hope, encouragement, fresh ideas for coping and saving money, and the motivation to keep working toward their goals while embracing the new reality.