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About Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant a.k.a. “Barackalike” is the five star premier President Barack Obama, look-alike, actor, and impersonator. Michael lives in California where he is an Electron Microscopist (Materials Scientist) by trade. Michael’s striking likeness to President Barack Obama both physically and statistically is uncanny. Michael and President Obama are approximately the same age, weight, height and both have a similar hair graying pattern. Michael is the People’s Choice as President Barack Obama and is often described as his “dead-ringer” or “mirror image”. Michael enjoys pleasing people so you are encouraged book him for your next corporate event, fundraiser, or, marketing and advertising project. The next time you plan an event, why not make it more memorable and fun by having “Barack-a-like” appear. Having Mike attend your event is the next best thing to having President Barack Obama himself.