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About Paul Templer

Paul Templer began his career in Africa guiding tourists through the dangerous waters of the Zambezi River until a “bad day at the office” – a deadly hippopotamus attack – forced him to rebuild his life and his career.

Having been the subject of numerous documentaries produced by the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and the BBC, today Paul is the CEO of opusdynamic, a global consulting practice that specializes in leadership development, conflict resolution and guiding organizations so that they can better navigate the turbulent waters of the ever changing business world. He is also a sought after keynote speaker who inspires audiences from all walks of life with his riveting, dramatic and uniquely humorous story of how we create the life we want, one decision at a time.

A dedicated husband and father, Paul and his family live in Michigan USA where they have established the Templer Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting disabled and terminally ill children.

It was in Paul’s words, a bad day at the office.

While guiding an African river safari, he was attacked by an enraged hippopotamus that pulled him from his canoe and swallowed him headfirst up to his waist. Chances are a hippopotamus hasn’t swallowed anyone in your organization. But everyone has bad days at the office and no one gets through life without confronting adversity and change.

A gifted storyteller, Paul will entertain your audience, leaving an emotional imprint that will resonate long after he leaves the stage. A living example of the power of choice, Paul inspires his audiences to overcome adversity and manage change while challenging and empowering them to create a life full of achievement, happiness and success.
Note: This is not just an extremely entertaining and inspiring story… should you choose to use them, Bad Day at the Office: The Safari Guide’s

Adversity Tool-Kit will give you the tools to:

  • Transform change and adversity into opportunities and success
  • Build a stronger identity both personally and professionally
  • Take increasing responsibility for your actions and act more consistently with your values
  • Act productively by choice rather than letting a grumpy/anxious mood influence and/or dictate your actions
  • Make a greater contribution to your family, your colleagues, your community and the world at large
  • Sleep easier at night