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  • Comedian

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About Rick Wheeler

Rick Wheeler’s MasterMind Hypnosis Comedy Show EXPECT TO LAUGH AND LOSE ALL SENSE OF TIME! From the moment the show gets rolling Rick goes from one volunteer to another, one skit to another, one big laugh to another. He is not satisfied unless you are cracking up constantly! Fast moving and funny, you will be amazed at the off the wall antics the hypnotized volunteers happily do! By the end of the show everyone leaves happy and satisfied. The audience, the volunteers, and yes….even Rick. Rick is a natural entertainer with great timing and a super rapport with the audience. The MasterMind Hypnosis Comedy Show was created for one reason; to make you laugh until you feel good. Everyone enjoys a good hypnosis show. The audience forgets everything else as they become totally immersed in the happenings on stage. And there’s always something funny happening on stage. The hypnotist may have a preplanned idea of what skits he might like to do, but everyone on that stage is a unique individual and will respond to the hypnotic suggestions in their own way. So people can behave in very original and different ways! While in hypnosis the volunteers imagination becomes stronger than usual, so it is easy for them to accept suggestions that they are hot or cold, happy or sad, light or heavy, are space aliens or rock stars. The possibilities for craziness are endless. This hilarious show is appropriate for events, parties and celebrations of all kinds! PLEASE BOOK THE SHOW ASAP. WE WANT TO BE SURE WE CAN PLEASE YOU TOO! GREAT FOR; all high school events, parties of all kinds, fund raisers, business or private. Special consideration is given to charities and programs benefiting the community.