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About Rommel Vega


Rommel Vega is the Founder and CEO of HOLO Footwear, which offers stylish, sustainable, and functional performance footwear made from recyclable materials for both men and women. Prior to founding HOLO Footwear, Rommel built an 18-year career as a creative lead in the footwear, accessories, and consumer goods industries.

“There’s a group of consumers that are being left behind and they’re being left out of the sustainability conversation.”  “We wanted to create a brand that really speaks to everyone, regardless of where you live and what you’re doing.”

HOLO prides itself on its production methods.

Holding a shoe, Rommel points to the sole, and says a series of tiny, bumpy, multi-colored dots are the outcome of a manufacturing process that uses less energy and water than conventional methods. Rather than being smoothed out, which would require a more intensive production process, the ground-down recycled material used to create the sole is left in its original form. “We feel that it gives it a lot of character.” “You see a lot of the bumps and blemishes, and you see a lot of the recycled contents that’s been re-grinded into the material.”

Vega, who grew up in Miami and attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, worked in the shoe industry for nearly two decades before he started HOLO. His resume includes stops at Puma, Keen, Columbia Sportswear, DC Shoes and Fossil, a watch manufacturer.