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The Association are best known for their popularity in the 1960s, when they had numerous hits at or near the top of the charts. As of 2007, they are still “playing.” They are also notable for being the lead-off band at the Monterey Pop Festival, essentially the first multi-group rock festival. They are known for tight vocal harmony, which was heavily influenced by The Beach Boys. That national break would come with the song “Along Comes Mary”, written by Tandyn Almer. The recording went to #7 on the Billboard charts, and led to the group’s first album, And Then… Along Comes the Association. A song from the album, “Cherish” would become The Association’s first #1 in September 1966 and a favorite of the HU. The group followed with their second album, Renaissance, released in November 1966. The album did not spawn any major hits and the album only reached #34, compared with a #5 showing for its predecessor. Their next single, “Never My Love”, went to #2 in Billboard. Today The Association travels the U.S. and internationally doing concerts and corprate events.