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Christian Country Music and Country Gospel Music with The Fox Brothers of Nashville Just south from Nashville, Music City USA, is the deep rooted family tree of The Fox Brothers. From a small crossroads known as Bending Chestnut, Tennessee comes the now World-famous Fox Brothers. More than just Country Music, their wonderful family harmonies are combined with Family values, Country Music, Country Gospel, home-spun humor and comedy plus more than a million miles over the highways entertaining fans of all ages. To see the Fox Brothers in concert is to leave feeling uplifted from the quality Country Music, the good times and hilarious comedy that bursts forth from the stage at every show. No two shows are ever the same when The Fox Brothers perform live. The brotherly antics born from growing up in the ‘real country’ and the close family harmonies that have grown up with them from as far back as they can remember, make every show a special and unique time for all. More than just Country Music, it’s an experience that will make anyone feel right at home with The Fox Brothers. Country Music, Humor, Country Gospel, huge laughs, Christian Country Music and expert musicianship barely begins to describe what is in store for you at a Fox Brothers’ concert. It is a time that none can ever forget. Recognized by many Nashville music industry officials as America’s No. 1 Christian Country/Comedy group, The Fox Brothers, are becoming a household name among fair and festival-goers throughout the United States and Canada, making them a brightly shining, rising star on the horizon of Christian music. That rising star catapulted in 1999 and 2000 when the group won three major awards from the Christian Country music industry. In November, 1999, the group was presented the “Entertainers Of The Year” award by the Nashville-based Christian Country Music Association. In November 2000 and 2001, The Fox Brothers repeated as the CCMA’s Entertainers Of The Year and were also presented the organization’s Vocal Group Of The Year. In 2002, the brothers were once again awarded the Group Of The Year trophy. But, winning awards is only a small piece in their stardom puzzle. Throughout their distinguished careers, The Fox Brothers have performed extensively at fairs and festivals throughout the United States and Canada. The group’s appearances on the world-famous Grand Ole Opry have given them an instant fame and credibility among country music fans worldwide. In addition to the three blood brothers, the group also consists of bass singer/lead guitarist, John Abernathy; drummer, Todd Mortl; Brent Fox, sound engineer/trumpet player. Although the brothers have been singing together since their pre-teen days, during the last five years, The Fox Brothers have been busy touring, gaining numerous awards and a solid reputation for excellence among fans and music critics alike. Since 1995, the group has had numerous No. 1 Christian Country radio singles – “Turn My Life Around” in 1996; “Red Top Mountain” in 1997; “Cradle Of Love” and “Say It Now” in 1998, “He Broke The Law” and “Backslider’s Prayer” in 2000, “Yours” in 2001, “Red, White and Blue” and “In This House” in 2002. In addition to their televised Grand Ole Opry performances, The Fox Brothers have performed on numerous popular television shows, including “Nashville Now;” “Crook & Chase;” and other programs on The Nashville Network. In 1995, The Fox Brothers were named the “Country Gospel Group Of The Year” by the International Country Gospel Music Association. In 1996, they were awarded “The Vocal Group Of The Year” by the Christian Country Music Association. In 1998, they received the award as the “Family Group Of The Year” by the Country Gospel Music Guild. In 2000, the Guild presented the group with the “Album Of The Year” award and in 2002, they were named “Band Of The Year by that organization.