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One of the most iconic bands in the history of American music, 2014-2015 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Temptations # 1 hit “My Girl”. Since then, the Temptations have become an institution noted for their precise choreography and blend of R&B vocal sensibilities. A continuous line up of 5 highly talented male singers working together as a vocal powerhouse has propelled the Temptations thru out their 50-year history. With a focus on the vocal ensemble, rather than a lead singer, 12 talented singers have come and gone thru the ranks of the band, and (founding original member) Otis Williams has continued to keep the Temptations sound alive and at the top of the charts. With songs like “Get Ready”, “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”, “Losing You”, “Cloud Nine”, “Just My Imagination”, “Ball Of Confusion”, “Runaway Child”, “Psychedelic Shack” and “My Girl” the group has amassed a catalog of over 30 Top Ten and #1 songs in the last 45 years. (and still counting)

The Temptations pioneered their sound from day one by focusing on songs that reflected social change, politics, love relationships and a strong audience connectivity. By collaborating with great Motown songwriters such as the late Norman Whitfield, Holland, Dozier, Holland, Smokey Robinson and others, The Temptations secured a foundation for musical success early on that has lasted until this day. Precise choreography, rich harmonies, distinctive voices and musical versatility made their songs and performances go without parallel. Setting standards for years to come, The Temptations paved the way for future R&B artists in the turmoil of the late 1960?s. Breaking down barriers of race, gender, and age, The Temptations were one of the first true crossover acts in American pop music. To this day, their global audience has no boundaries.

For over four decades, The Temptations have remained a major force in pop music. Adapting to the current music trends while maintaining their unique vocal style they stayed true to their original formula. Switching labels several times from Motown to Atlantic, back to Motown and finally ending up at Universal, they continued to release chart-topping hits. such as “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”, “Masterpiece”, “Let Your Hair Down”, “Power”, “Standing On The Top”, “Treat Her Like A Lady”, and “Stay”.

The Temptations continue to blaze new musical trails in the 21st century while maintaining the dream and formula that founder Otis Williams has kept alive and well for 50 years. The group’s current lineup of singers includes Otis Williams, Walter Joe Herndon, Terry Weeks, Ron Tyson Presson and Bruce Williamson.

“It’s all about the music and the people. That is the true legacy of The Temptations.” With great songs, singers and a live stage show that continues to :wow” audiences around the world, the Temptations constantly enlist new fans as they continue to deliver their “Motown” vocal sound that made them famous. “Get Ready, cause here they come”. “We Sing for all People” – The Temptations