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About Tom Sadge

Often, a discussion will come up amongst Diamond fans about who is “the best” Neil Diamond impersonator, look-a-like, sound-a-like or tribute artist. The answer is simple….no one! Each has his own style of bringing Neil’s music to the public. No one will every be as good as the “Real Neil”. And no one knows that better or is more respectful to the talent of Neil Diamond than Tom! Tom Sadge has been a fan of Neil Diamond since 1968: he was only 11 years old. Only two years earlier, in 1966, Neil Diamond had scored his first number one hit, I’m A Believer, for the Monkees! It was at this early age that Tom Sadge began polishing and perfecting, the uncanny vocal impression of Neil Diamond’s voice that has now made Tom “almost famous”! After working for two decades (and over 5000 performances) as a full-time professional entertainer who not only astounded audiences with his Neil Diamond impression but several others such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Engelbert Humperdinck, Tony Bennett, Barry Manilow and literally scores of other vocal and speaking voices, Tom was ready for a new challenge. Tom’s wife, Marion, after carefully examining a brochure from a popular celebrity impersonators’ show, realized that most of the “look-a-like” aspect of the celebrity impersonators was achieved by make-up, facial expression, and other means. She suggested to Tom that he try a full celebrity impersonation of Neil Diamond. Together, they decided to put together a full Neil Diamond look-a-like/sound-a-like act. Marion researched, designed and embellished all the original costumes and other details, such as choreography, for a full Neil Diamond impersonation and passed on what she learned to Tom. Tom perfected the moves and facial expressions of Neil Diamond. The act was a success and, since debuting his Neil Diamond impersonation in September 1997, has toured Canada twice and performed at impressive venues all over North America from Arizona to Toronto and from Vancouver to Florida! In early 2007, Tom and Marion decided, after several years of preparation, to debut The Tom Sadge Show, which features a full Engelbert Humperdinck impersonation (with Eng’s blessing!) along with the voices of Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Tony Bennett, Bobby Darin, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Louis Armstrong, Rodney Dangerfield, and others! The last 11 years of Tom’s career, as a celebrity impersonator who performs both as a Neil Diamond look-a-like and sound-a-like, have been the most exciting of his professional life. To perform Neil Diamond’s songs as closely as possible as the original legend – Neil Diamond – performed them is Tom’s goal, and he is proud to do so. Why add to or change perfection? As Tom says, “Nothing is more rewarding than hearing audience members tell you after a show that they got the chills because you looked and sounded so much like Neil Diamond on stage. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.”