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“The URBAN MYTH BAND” is a cultural hot dish of musicians and vocalists in which their song list reflects as well. Everything from current to classic, funk to rock, R&B to oldies, originals to an occasional instrumental to show off the bands chops “The URBAN MYTH BAND” delivers! The band has performed everywhere from street dances to nightclubs, weddings to corporate events and through out their careers have played all over the United States and even over seas. “The URBAN MYTH BAND” brings a professional show to audiences whether it’s a nightclub or a special event with a relaxed, yet fun style of presentation. On lead vocals is Rhianon Jimenez. RJ is the wiley 3 year veteran of “The URBAN MYTH BAND”… and don’t let her small frame fool ya….this girls voice is huge! Born in Hollywood, CA, RJ grew up in a musical family and raised in Minneapolis, MN, RJ has been singing since the ripe old age of 9 and has been performing ever since. RJ is the perfect fit for UMB! On the guitar and lead vocals, Nick “Chewy” Baca covers just about every genre there is. Chewy is a seasoned veteran, who throughout the years has worked with many artists such as Johnny Holm, Palace, Lisa Keith (Grammy Nominee), Brian Gallagher (Prince), The Boogiemen and the list goes on. And every night Chewys guitar playing brings power and versatility to The URBAN MYTH BAND. On the bass guitar & lead vocals, David “Pee Wee” Radford is the foundation of the rhythm section that rarely needs a microphone for his powerful voice. He is a seasoned musician who has seen time on stage for both original and cover bands performing across the U.S., as well as in the Caribbean. Dave spent 22 years on the road with The Johnny Holm Band. Behind the drums is Dave Brewster With over 20 years of experience and a product of the acclaimed University of Miami School of Music he has studied with Gordy Knudtson and Steve Rucker. His musical influences are such greats as Jeff Porcaro, Steve Gadd and Phil Gould, Dave brings some excitement to UMB. Dave has hit the stage in a variety of gigs such as the award winning Love Janis and The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Ordway McKnight Theater. Daves chameleon like style is the perfect fit for The URBAN MYTH BAND The bands show features a perfect mix of danceable grooves and sing-along classics that keeps both the guys and the gals entertained all night long. But its’ the positive and upbeat atmosphere, along with the audience participation that makes The URBAN MYTH BAND show most fun and memorable.