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What’s it like to be recognized for looking like one of THE most famous women in the world? Meet VERNETTA JENKINS! She knows exactly what it feels like because she is a true hyphenate in the entertainment community _ Actress/Singer/TelevisionProducer/Director and America’s Premier First Lady Look-Alike/Impressionist!” Ms. Jenkins is a professionally trained actress/singer/dancer who happens to bare an uncanny natural resemblance to First Lady Michelle Obama. She has been working in the Impersonator/look-alike world since November 2008 and is now the most sought after First Lady Michelle Obama look-alike worldwide because of her natural dead ringer looks! Vernetta travels as “the face” of First Lady Michelle Obama to corporate and private functions bringing joy and inspiration to thousands of astonished people who might otherwise never have an audience with America’s First Lady. A native of Chicago, IL, Vernetta is stopped on a daily basis with people actually thinking she is Michelle Obama-minus Secret Service! “I have to say, it is one of the craziest things to wake up one day and suddenly be recognized for looking like one of THE most famous women in the world! I find it very entertaining to see the reaction I cause when I travel about because people actually think they’re seeing Michelle Obama. It is quite a compliment. She’s clearly a very intelligent, articulate, compassionate, and graceful woman.” Jenkins continues, “…not to mention a dedicated wife and mother who is a terrific role model for women of any color or nationality.” Ms. Jenkins has made several professional “First Lady” appearances in television, (JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, LIVE WITH REGIS & KELLY, THE WANDA SYKES SHOW) as well as in film, (WARNER BROS feature film “THE OBAMA EFFECT,” (2010)– written, directed and starring actor Charles S. Dutton. She has also made numerous appearances for corporations, private functions as well as presenting political figures such Congressional Candidate Ms. Karen Bass. A YouTube favorite, Vernetta has many featured videos which have garnered over 4 million views! From a sketch parody spoof of Jamie Foxx’s BLAME IT (BLAME IT: ON THE ECONOMY) to Michael Jackson’s classic Thriller (OBAMAS DO THRILLER) to her Presidential birthday tribute (MICHELLE OBAMA SINGS HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and her most recent cameo appearance in OBAMA! A MODERN PRESIDENT. ( ms Jenkins’ television and film credits include THE JONAS BROS 3-D CONCERT Movie, ADAM SANDLER’S “FUNNY PEOPLE”, T.I.S” “TAKERS” as well as NBC’S “LIFE.” Her extensive experience both behind and in front of the camera make getting makeup, wardrobe, and performance material a breeze. Vernetta exhibits the same self-confidence of First Lady Michelle Obama that is empowering and aspirational. “As a television producer and in my day-to-day life, I always hope to inspire others by my works.” Mind’s Eye is a Grand Rapids, MI-based jazz quartet playing original music and standards in a modern mainstream jazz style. Cadence magazine reviewer Richard B. Kamins compares the band’s sound to Miles Davis’ mid-60’s acoustic group. Mind’s Eye is comprised of four of the most talented jazz musicians/composers in the midwest region: Rob Smith – trumpet and saxophones; Steve Talaga – piano; Tom Lockwood – acoustic bass; and Keith Hall _ drums. The music of Mind’s Eye has been featured on Jim Wilke’s “Jazz After Hours,” American Public Radio?s nationally syndicated radio program. Since its inception in the early nineties, the quartet has played many regional venues, including: the Montreux/Detroit Jazz Festival; the Grand Rapids Jazz and Blues Festival; the Fremont Jazz Festival; the Flint Jazz Festival; the Firefly in Ann Arbor, MI; Butch’s Dry Dock in Holland; Schuler’s Books and Music; the B.O.B., Billie’s, and Z’s in Grand Rapids as part of the WGVU – FM Jazz Night series; Dr. J’s Jazz Coffeehouse in Grand Rapids; the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts in Grand Rapids; Aquinas College and many, many others. Mind’s Eye has repeatedly opened for Grand Rapids Symphony Summer Pops concerts at Cannonsburg Ski Resort. The group has also performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. The members of Mind’s Eye frequently appear as guest artists and clinicians at many high school and college jazz events across Michigan. Mind’s Eye’s four compact discs, “Angst for the Spoiler,” “Seasons,” “Lucky Nine,” and their latest, “Children of the Glacier,” are available at Schuler Books And Music, and online at For more information, contact Business Speakers Bureau & Entertainment 616-455-9637,