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WELCOME DUELING PIANO FANS!! ARE YOU READY TO PARTY ‘TIL YOU LOSE YOUR MINDS?!?! Ok, granted, we put that there to catch your ATTENTION. Our Yellow Brick Road Dueling Pianos show performers are EXPERTS at getting and keeping your guests attention… ALL… NIGHT… LONG! Thousands of people have already jumped on the dueling piano bandwagon. What are you waiting for? This genre of entertainment is all the rage; wildly popular with all audiences of all ages. How could that be? It’s because the musicians at Yellow Brick Road Dueling Pianos know a bazillion songs from all decades. It’s a show as eclectic and full of variety as the crowd that attends. This polished Vegas style show has NO rivals and if you don’t have fun, you’re probably a putz. Experienced! Here at Yellow Brick Road Dueling Pianos we have the most experienced musicians available in the industry. That’s a fact JACK! A quick peek at our bio page will give you the security in knowing YOU are about to become the hero party planner for your event. We take into account every detail you present to us, and with our experience, together we can concoct the perfect party environment! Fun! Is it possible for a show to be the epitome of fun and the quintessence of professionalism? We KNOW so. In fact, next to the word ‘fun’ in the dictionary there are several examples sighting Yellow Brick Road Dueling Pianos… (Webster’s)Definition: Fun: – (noun) A time or feeling of enjoyment or amusement – Yellow Brick Road Dueling Pianos is a night full of fun. Opposites: sadness, depression – Missing a Yellow Brick Road Dueling Pianos show takes all the fun out of life. Examples of FUN: A grown man singing Bohemian Rhapsody while standing on a piano… An Elton John look-alike wearing a red boa and oversized glasses… A big ‘ol group sing-a-long to “Don’t Stop Believin’”!